Star Envelope Printer Pro

Star Envelope Printer Pro 5.1

Design and print envelopes with logos and bar codes
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Star Envelope Printer Pro is an envelope designer application which allows users to creat logos, insert code bars and customize different sizes. It also has a data base which keeps unlimited return and mailing addresses to avoid having to retype regularly used addresses.
The program handles different types of envelopes and includes a batch printing and custom size function too. The interface is simple, users only have to choose the size and fill in the receiver and sender email addresses. It also includes envelope samples which can be customized.
In addition, users can find a Groups function which allows creating mailing lists. This way when selecting a group, all the required envelopes will be created automatically with the previously made settings.
Star Envelope Printer Pro allows adding a logo, which can be any type of picture, and can be inserted anywhere. Also POSTNET and FIM-A bar codes can be included but these have to be previously created.
New of this version is the networking function which allows connecting up to 5 users to the system at the same time. More so a function has been included to search for postal codes and works multiple countries using Internet.

Max Santillana
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  • Customize envelopes
  • Batch printing
  • Stores addresses for sender and receiver
  • Create mailing groups
  • Add custom fields and fonts
  • International Zip Code search


  • Accepts only bit maps for logos
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